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YouTube Guide 101: How to Promote YouTube Channel in 2024?

How to Promote YouTube Channel

One video-sharing website, YouTube, nevertheless dominates the online landscape despite the explosion of other social media platforms like TikTok.


With over 2.2 billion subscribers globally, YouTube is currently the second most viewed website on the internet.


You must understand how to expand and advertise your channel if you want to use YouTube to advance (or perhaps launch) your business.



Why YouTube?

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What makes YouTube such a powerful marketing tool, then? First of all, it reaches a huge audience, especially young people.

According to research, 81% of US internet users between the ages of 15 and 25 utilize the site.


In addition to having over two billion monthly visitors, YouTube also boasts highly engaged viewers who spend an average of 11.50 minutes per day on the site.


Furthermore, these viewers are actually open to making purchases from companies; 90% of consumers have found new brands on the platform.


Additionally, video material is typically much more interesting than static photos and enables content producers to communicate with their audience more directly.


By doing this, you may increase the crucial like, trust, and know factors with potential customers.


Additionally, YouTube is highly adaptable.


There are so many other forms you may utilize to engage and inform your audience, including instructional videos, interview series, and casual Q+As.



Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

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Now is the moment to start making YouTube videos for your business if you haven’t already.


Making an account and uploading your first video is only one aspect of the process, though.


It’s crucial to optimize and promote your content, just like you would with any other marketing platform, to ensure that people see your awesome content.


The good news is that there are strategies that have been successfully used to position your channel for success!



how to promote your youtube channel

Below are ways to promote your YouTube channel with no stress.


1. Use concise, descriptive video titles

When people are searching YouTube, your video title is the first thing they see. And if your title isn’t attention-grabbing, they’ll likely scroll right past your video.


To write compelling YouTube titles, consider the following advice:

⁃ Be succinct. Avoid using titles longer than 60 characters, as some of them may be truncated when displayed.

⁃ Use keyword(s) associated with your brand in the first half of the title to avoid omitting important information.

⁃ Use a hashtag that is popular right now or one you’ve already used elsewhere.

⁃ Don’t use clickbait-y titles


2. Engage your followers

Engaging with your followers and businesses you respect is one of the finest ways to make sure that one social media platform promotes another.

Never undervalue the importance of this action. When there is a lot to do, it is simple to disregard it as a burdensome chore.

Be sure to swiftly reply to people’s likes and comments, whether it’s on YouTube or one of your other social media platforms.

Don’t just say, “Thank you!” and leave; instead, make an effort to strike up a conversation.

Find out what they would want to see in your future video and whether they have any suggestions for making it better.

The more your followers are aware of your interest in them, the more probable it is that they will continue to read and share your content with their peers.

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They feel valued and respected and are far more inclined to stick with your business when they know you’re paying attention (across all channels).

3. Post unique promotional content on your social media accounts

Make sure you have a distinct vision that is distinct from your YouTube account if you already have a sizable following on Instagram, for instance.

While you should maintain a consistent tone, why would a consumer want to follow you on numerous channels if they are already receiving the same information from you?

To pique the interest of your Instagram followers in your YouTube videos, try posting “behind-the-scenes” footage.

Alternatively, if you’re sharing a blog post on healthy eating on Facebook for one week, note that you’ll soon have a YouTube video that shows some terrific exercise techniques to go along with your new meal plan from the blog.

Similar voice, a divergent subject.

4. Fill out your profile information

Filling out your profile section on a YouTube channel is one of the first things you should do.

One of the best ways to improve your SEO and introduce yourself to channel newcomers is with a compelling profile.

The following are some excellent methods for completing your profile information:

• Be consistent. Use the same color palette, fonts, and layouts as the one on your website and other social media profiles.

• Optimize your YouTube description. Add keywords to your YouTube channel description to rank better. But don’t stuff keywords so that YouTube won’t penalize your channel.

• Tell viewers your schedule. Determine when and how often you’ll post new content. Then, stick to it so that your viewers would know when to expect your videos.

• Add your contact info so that viewers and potential collaborators will know how to reach you.

5. Host cool contests

People enjoy good competition.

It doesn’t matter if it’s hosted on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube; if done well, it can give you a LOT of cross-promotion and, ideally, a lot of new YouTube viewers.

Vans Custom Culture is a pro at running profitable competitions on their social media platforms.

With more than 80,000 likes on Facebook, they are demonstrating that their enthusiasm for encouraging kids to embrace their creativity is also doing wonderful things for their business as a whole.

The idea behind their annual competition is to invite schools from all across the United States to register in order to be one of the first 1,500 to enter.

If they are chosen, the school will get four pairs of Vans to customize whatever they like.

The finished products’ images are then posted to the Vans website for voting.

The winning school in the 2016 competition will receive $50,000 for its art program.

Even though your business isn’t as large as Vans, they are a tremendous source of inspiration.

Your YouTube channel exists because you are enthusiastic about whatever it is that it is about.

Why not repeat your contest every year if you center it around your content and it is successful? And on a more compact scale? Simple things like allowing a YouTube page to count as an entry can have a big impact.

6. Never underestimate analytics

Your analytics will likely be off for a while if your YouTube channel is relatively new or hasn’t been active in a while.

Examine your Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics, or any other social media network where you are most engaged.

Pay close attention to the answers to the following questions, then delve even further:

• What day(s) of the week are your fans most active?
• What time of day are your fans most engaged?
• What types of content get the most traction?

An important component of effectively promoting your YouTube channel on social media is having a thorough understanding of your metrics.

You can publish as many videos as you like, but posting with purpose usually yields rewards.

7. Be consistent

While launching a YouTube channel is fantastic, you should make a commitment to consistency before you even create an account.

Your fans and potential fans will start to expect new videos on the timetable you set, even while you don’t have to be rigid all the time (whether it’s the hectic holiday season or you’re highlighting something new and exciting and want to upload more frequently).

Creating relevant hashtags related to the day of the week and the subject of the video is a great way to hold yourself accountable to consistency on your YouTube channel and then cross-promote it.

Therefore, if you post food videos, it might be “#tacotuesday,” and if you cover lifestyle and fashion trends, it might be “#fashionfriday.”

Utilizing the same brand messaging across all of your media is another approach to maintaining consistency.

So, for example, if you always use the same Canva template to announce your latest YouTube video on Twitter while changing the backdrop color and video title.

8. Trust Collaboration

Getting engaged with another firm, especially one in the same industry, is probably the last thing on your mind when considering tactics to promote your YouTube channel across social media.

The proverb “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar” is nevertheless very common.

Make it a point to connect with individuals on social media that operate in a similar industry to your own to explore the prospect of working together on your YouTube channels.

It needn’t cost a lot of money or effort to accomplish this.

Create an email template that you can send to numerous businesses that you would want to partner with, and then click “send” after making a small personalization each time.

These kinds of partnerships are incredibly cost-effective and advantageous to both parties.

By sharing on the partner channel, you’ll double your exposure while sharing content with your audience, so use it wisely!

9. Be unconventional

There’s probably a YouTube video on YouTube for the industry standard in any profession you work in.

Go the other way! You don’t want to sound like your rivals, and you definitely don’t want to seem monotonous.

Consider the YouTube videos you’ve watched that have gained a lot of online popularity.

Tasty (formerly Buzzfeed Food) is a fantastic illustration.

You’re missing out if you use Facebook and haven’t watched one of their entertaining films featuring homemade food.

These YouTube clips that they post on their Facebook sites (as well as other social media platforms) frequently become viral.

They are distinctive, brief, and have simple-to-understand instructions.

They remain the first and original who forged their own path, despite numerous YouTube food accounts trying to copy their style.

10. Nail your video SEO

In relation to SEO, bear in mind that Google owns YouTube.

Since YouTube is virtually its own search engine as a result, SEO (search engine optimization) is vital.

By putting targeted keywords in the titles and descriptions of your videos, you can make sure that the people who are looking for your material will find it.

The same is true for the description of your channel.

For instance, if your channel offers productivity tips, you should make sure the keyword “productivity tips” is sprinkled liberally throughout the entire channel.

This includes all of your transcripts, closed captions, subtitles, and lists in addition to your metadata, descriptions, and videos themselves.

Additionally, keep in mind that your content might be found both inside and outside of YouTube.

By making sure yours are optimized, you’ll also increase the chance that potential clients or viewers may find your content while browsing other Google results.

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11. Connect your other social accounts

Here’s a helpful tip! Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your YouTube account so that every video you submit is promoted immediately on those platforms.

Simply log into your YouTube settings and choose Connected Accounts to accomplish that.

Enter your login information, select the accounts you want to link, and allow YouTube to publish videos on your behalf automatically.



how to promote youtube channel for free

The detailed list above should be well enough for you to learn how you can promote your youtube channel for free. But also remember you will need to work hard and you will be on a roll!



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