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How to check Vodafone Points, Data bundle, Airtime Balance in 2024


Vodafone Short Codes

Vodafone Ghana services code or shortcodes for all your needs. The shortcodes for all the services Vodafone has to offer.



This article focuses on all the shortcodes you will need to get the necessary help from Vodafone when you really need them.



Vodafone Red Bundles: How to activate these offers in 2021



Vodafone Codes

The table below will give you the various shortcodes and their description


Vodafone gh short codes

The Vodafone gh short codes, find all the shortcodes about the Vodafone ghana to be able to use your number to the maximum. these short codes cover from credit top up to the various Vodafone exciting promos.

Vodafone Shortcode Description
*700# Access data bundle menu
*124# Balance inquiry. Check your credit and data balance
*500# Blackberry offers
*125# Browser packages
*700*4# Bundle data for someone
*700*1#  Bundle for two (2) devices
585 Caller tunes.
*126# Check your balance on data bundles and promos
*900# Check your broadband balance
*127# Check your Vodafone mobile number
100 Customer care center
555 Family and friends
*151# For more information on Vodafone products and services
*127*11# General news
*134*PIN# New recharge code
PORT to 600 Number portability
SImbox to 419 Report SIM-Box fraud
*565# Reserve your Vodafone number
*150# Roaming inquiry
655 Support text number
*505# To borrow credit
*126# To check bundle information
*400# Check if your number is registered
109 Retrieve voice mail
*516*0208 xxx xxx *0*30*1234# Transfer credit in Ghana cedis and pesewas
*516*0208 xxx xxx *5*1234# Transfer credit in Cedis only
*516# Transfer credit to another Vodafone number
*200# Vodafone Red Offers
108 Voicemail deposit
109 Receive voicemail
0501000300 Vodafone Ghana WhatsApp number
vodafone shortcodes

Vodafone Unlimited Bundles, Cheap Data, and Codes for 2022

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Vodafone Red

Vodafone is a complete voice and data bundle plan offered by the telco Giant Vodafone Ghana. This includes on-net and off-net voice allowance, data, international calls, and SMS too.



This offer is made inclusive of one sim card, which means you won’t need another Vodafone sim card for either voice and data plan, you get them all in one.


Not forgetting the weekly and monthly mixed bundles, all this to make sure all your needs either voice or data is well taken care of in one plan or offer.




Vodafone bundle code

How do you check your Vodafone bundle? The Vodafone bundle code to check about Vodafone Ghana’s various data bundles available. On your phone, you have to dial the short used code *700# and you will be presented with lots of data bundle plans offered by Vodafone Ghana.




Vodafone red code

For the Vodafone red bundle code, you have to dial *200# on your phone to access it. This red offer by Vodafone give the subscriber minutes to call all local networks, data to get on the net, and SMS bonuses too.

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Vodafone Ghana Mifi: Price, How to buy Data & More



Vodafone mashup code

For the Vodafone mashup code, you will have to dial the unique ussd short code *567# to be able to subscribe to the mashup data bundle. Go ahead and purchase a Vodafone mashup bundle today.  


how to buy SMS bundle on Vodafone

To buy SMS bundle on Vodafone, follow these steps;
1. Dial *125*20# for SMS Super Pack which cost GH 0.50p for a period of 7 days
2. Dial *125*150# for the SMS Supreme Pack which cost GH 5 for a period of 30 days



short code to redeem Vodafone points

the short code to redeem Vodafone points is *533#. Vodafone Ghana gives its customers the chance to redeem points earned by using their number to make calls, using Vodafone cash and so many more. These points can be used to buy internet data, and airtime to make calls to all networks. 



Vodafone recharge code

For the Vodafone Ghana recharge code, you simply dial the USSD short code *134* Followed by the PIN CODE on the scratch card you purchase, then you end add #. (*134*PIN CODE #) okay that is the  code to recharge the Vodafone credit




Code to cancel all Vodafone subscriptions

You want to get yourself out of all the annoying Vodafone subscriptions that you’re currently on. Well here’s how to go by it, send an SMS to this short code “2510” along with the message “subscription”. this should get you from all services you don’t want to be part of.

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code to check Vodafone subscription

For code to check Vodafone subscription, you need to be specific about which Vodafone service you want to subscribe to. But if you can’t find it in this article, click this link for more.




how to recharge Vodafone credit in ghana

To recharge your Vodafone credit in Ghana, you need to first buy a Vodafone credit scratch card. Scratch the card and dial the ussd code to recharge *134* followed by the code you obtain from scratching the card, then press # and send to recharge your credit.



how to check Vodafone credit balance in ghana

To check your Vodafone number credit balance, you need to dial the short ussd code *124# and you should see your credit balance in a second



how to check Vodafone data balance in ghana

To check your Vodafone data balance in ghana, you can also dial the ussd code (*124#) for checking the credit balance, this will display your data balance so you know if you need to top up or not.


how to check Vodafone red balance

To check your Vodafone red balance, kindly dial *126# to see your remaining Vodafone red balance



how to check Vodafone airtime balance

To check your Vodafone airtime balance on the go, dial *124# and press send to see your current airtime balance


code to recharge vodafone credit

Here is the code to recharge Vodafone credit. For the Vodafone scratch card, dial *134* followed by the scratch card code, then add #, and finally hit Send.
To recharge with your Vodafone cash, dial *110#, and select 3 to Buy Airtime or Data. Here you choose option 1 for “Buy Airtime



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What is the code for Vodafone Momo?

Dial *110# to access vodafone Momo

What is the code for Vodafone mashup?

Dial *151*3# or *200# and following the prompts to subscribe to the offer

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