How to activate MTN unlimited 4G data plan in 2021

MTN unlimited data plan


MTN has simplified its internet browsing data packages or plans, making it simple to find the right one for you. There are now only seven MTN Data Plans to choose from.

There are low-cost browsing options for newcomers and mobile phone users, as well as browsing bundles for customers with medium and high data usage.

The 4th generation of telecommunications technology, 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution), provides extremely fast data speeds.


Advantages of upgrading to 4G

  • On newly updated SIMs, a massive 100% and 25% LTE Bonus Offer is available.
  • From the first to the third month of the upgrade, you’ll get a 100% bonus on data bundles worth less than.
  • From the fourth to the sixth month, you’ll receive a 25% bonus on any data plan you purchase.
  • If you currently have a 4G SIM, you can get a 25% discount on any 6-month data bundle.


MTN is by far the largest and best mobile network service provider in Ghana in terms of market share. MTN, as a market leader, offers a variety of attractive packages, and you should now be aware of all the MTN data packages bundle codes and be able to make an informed decision. In addition, I would provide you with a comprehensive list of all MTN internet bundles for your convenience.

New Packages, channels, and prices for DStv Ghana in 2021

The MTN data Bundle or plan Codes are shown below:

  • MTN Mobile Internet (Packages, bundles and More) – *138#
  • Internet Bundle Balance (Check Your MTN Data Balance) – *138*99*6#, select option 3 (check balance)
  • To check bundle information – *126#
  • Unlimited Internet Bundle (Unlimited Browsing) – *138*1#
  • Bundle Notification – *138*99*6*4#, select options 1 or 2 to respectively opt-in or opt-out
  • Broadband Internet Bundle – *138#
  • Roaming Inquiry – *151#
  • Social media bundle (Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp only) – *138*4#
  •  YouTube bundle (streaming videos) – *138*5#
  • Supersaver bundles -*138*4#

MTN unlimited data plan

Classification Bundle’s Name Price Volume (MB) Validity (Days) Codes
Weekly Starter Weekly GH₵1 25MB 7 *138*1*2#
GH₵2 60MB 7 *138*1*2#
GH₵3 180MB 7 *138*1*2#
GH₵5 300MB 7 *138*1*2#
GH₵10 1,000MB 7 *138*1*2#
Monthly Starter Monthly GH₵10 400MB 30 *138*1*3#
GH₵20 1GB 30 *138*1*3#
GH₵40 2.5GB 30 *138*1*3#
Daily Daily Internet Pack GH₵0.5 20MB 1 *138*1*1#
Daily Internet Pack GH₵1 50MB 1 *138*1*1#
Daily Internet Pack GH₵2 120MB 1 *138*1*1#
Daily Internet Pack GH₵3 500MB 1 *138*1*1#
Midnight Midnight GH₵1 3GB 3 am-5 am *138*1*4#
GH₵3 5GB 12am-5am *138*1*4#
LifeStyle LifeStyle GH₵1 100MB 1 *138*1*5#
GH₵5 400MB 15 *138*1*5#
GH₵10 1GB 30 *138*1*5#
Video Pack GH₵0.5 50MB *138*1*6#
Video Pack GH₵3.0 300MB 15 *138*1*6#
Video Pack GH₵30 4GB 3


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