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How to check Vodafone Number in [2024]


my Vodafone number

My Vodafone number is a unique code that begins with 020 and is usually about 10 digits and is assigned to customers of the Vodafone telecommunication network in Ghana. To make calls, browse, or surf the internet a customer needs to have one to gain this access.



Vodafone number check

how to check your number on VODAFONE when you just purchase a new sim or maybe you’ve forgotten because it’s a new sim. Whatever the case is, you can check your number with these few options.


Network unavailability, data issues, etc, has been most of the reasons why Ghanaians prefer using more than one (1) sim card. Many favors using specific networks for different purposes like calls, and data and this mostly leads to forgetting your sim number and that’s fine.




In this article, we will outline a few easy steps on how to check your Vodafone number with easy steps.




How to check your Vodafone Ghana number

here’s how you can find out your Vodafone number

  1. The Sim Card Package
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The easiest way to know your VODAFONE number is through the sim card package. The VODAFONE sim package comes with some details about the sim you just bought and is mostly found at the back or in the packaged sim card.

The Pin Code, PUK Code goes with the phone number, should your sim get barred, this information helps to get your sim back and restore any information.



2. Calling to Find Out Your Sim Card Number

Call a friend, call a family member, or any other contact you have stored on your phone to know your VODAFONE number. Chances are, you already have your contacts stored on your phone but not the sim card because it is new, calling someone can help you know that new sim card number you just purchased. And not forgetting to have some call credit available to make this call.






3. Calling VODAFONE Call Centre

The first time you purchase a sim card from Vodafone or any other network in Ghana, you can call their call center number to file any complaints or issues you’re facing. One of those is calling to find out the sim card number you just bought.

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Simply follow these steps; Dial 100 and follow the voice prompt, speak to an agent and request for your number, then take note of it.



How to check your number on VODAFONE Check Code

4. Through the Vodafone Short USSD  Code


If you’re in a hurry and you can’t call either the Vodafone hotline or anyone to get to you’re your number, this is the best option to choose. With this option, you simply dial a short code to know your VODAFONE number.


  • Dial *127#
  • And you don’t have to select or choose an option. Your number will be shown to you instantly
  • You now know your VODAFONE number. Write it somewhere or you can memories too so you don’t forget.


These are the simple steps that can help you know what your VODAFONE number is. Hope this article helps.


what is my Vodafone number?

Here is how to find out. What is my Vodafone number is a simple question, which implies you just got yourself a new sim card for the telecom and you need to know your unique code off hand.

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how to check my Vodafone number

On how to check my Vodafone number, it just some simple things you need to do.
the first option is to dial the USSD short code *127#, then you will be presented with your unique number. Vodafone has limited it to just showing your number.  No other options to select or choose, just your number shown or presented to you immediately after you dial the USSD short code.


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