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Tiktok Guide 101: How To Make A Second Tiktok Account


How To Make A Second Tiktok Account

The most compelling social media network for entertainment, recreation, commerce, fashion, and content creation is TikTok.





If you are not familiar with TikTok and the entertainment this platform offers, you are missing out on life in this generation.




So what’s holding you back from boarding the exciting ride? In order to increase your enjoyment even more, we’ll show you how to create a second TikTok account.



Despite being a relatively new phenomenon in the history of social media, TikTok is incredibly popular.




Particularly among teenagers and young people.




On the other hand, trending is a difficult task for an account on TikTok, especially for new users and startups.




For profiles that are well-known on other networks, like Instagram and Twitter, it is far simpler.





Therefore, they will carry all of their fans and followers over to TikTok when they make the transfer.



The solution, based on the aforementioned facts, is to create a second TikTok account.





It was thought impossible to accomplish, however, TikTok made it possible without the need to install a third program to act as a middleman.




As a result, we explain how to create a second TikTok account in the remaining sections of the article.


By the way, having two or more accounts, such as one for a business account and one for personal and enjoyable expenses, is also really fantastic.



At What Age Should a Kid Have TikTok?


image via search engine journal

TikTok allows 12+ years old users to create accounts.


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But since TikTok allows mature content, the minimum age is said to be 14 or 15+ in a few countries around the world.


TikTok Multiple Account Limit is 3 


On the same device, you can create and manage up to three TikTok accounts.




5 used to be the limit, however that is no longer the case.




Having more devices is the only way to go over the limit and have more TikTok accounts.


You can use your TikTok account on a computer as well, and you can have two accounts for each browser (one in private browser).


Important: You should NOT “Operate multiple TikTok accounts under false or fraudulent pretenses to spread commercial spam,” as stated in the app’s Community Guidelines.



So, if you have multiple TikTok accounts on your smartphone, be mindful to avoid spamming behaviors like liking your own content.




Otherwise, you risk being suspended or banned.

How to make a new TikTok account with the same phone number?


image via Businessinsider

Using the TikTok app, you are able to have a second TikTok account.




To be able to establish numerous TikTok accounts, you must first download and install the most recent version of TikTok from the app store or Google Play.




Adding a new account to TikTok:


1. Log in to your TikTok app by entering the username and password



2. Tap “Profile” on the right bottom corner.



3. Tap your username and select “Add account“



4. Tap “Sign up” and continue the on-screen instruction



Note: Go to your settings if you can’t see or locate the dropdown menu.

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(You may access it from the three-dot menu in the ‘Me’ section’s upper right corner.)




When you see an option that says “Add account,” continue to scroll down. Tap it, then adhere to the earlier directions.

Another reason why users, particularly popular users, are more likely to maintain many accounts is the chance of being hacked or forgotten.




To safeguard their existing account’s followers, they therefore set up a second account.




You created a second TikTok account, and by tapping your username, you can switch between them.


Creating your first TikTok account is straightforward; all you need to do is download the app on your phone and begin signing up with your email address, phone number, or another social network account.




Whatever method you choose, the key is to keep it in mind for the remainder of the procedure.




Next, finish the verification process by pasting the TikTok-provided code into the verification box to identify yourself as a human.




How to make a third account?


image via Businessinsider

Creating your 3rd account is similar to making the second one.





You go to the ‘Me’ section, tap the dropdown, and select ‘Add account,’ which has a + icon next to it.




Then you choose your log-in method or sign up for a new profile. 




Note that your third account on TikTok is the last additional profile you can have on your device.



How can I use my PC to create numerous TikTok accounts?


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image via shift

You cannot create numerous accounts on a PC unless you use a mobile app.




Use various browsers or download an app player like the Blue Stacks app to log into your accounts.



How can my friends and I create a combined TikTok account?


Unfortunately, creating a combined TT account is not possible; however, creating a joint TT video with your pals can.




I’ll demonstrate how to achieve that in this article.


• Open your TT and find the video you want to make a joint with.



• At bottom of the sidebar menu in the right-hand corner tap Share icon which looks like an arrow.



• At the bottom of the “Share to“ menu tap Duet.



• Now at the bottom of your screen tap the red button and start to record your video.



• Your video will pop up on the left side of the screen, and your friend’s video will pop up on the right side of the screen.



• When your recording is done, go ahead and tap the checkmark icon to the right of the recording icon.



• You can add any text or sticker that you want and after that, you can simply post your joint



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