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Tiktok Guide 101: How To Make Clips Longer On Tiktok

TikTok is a website for sharing brief films where users may make little videos about songs, movie dialogues, or even videos informing viewers about any topic.





The most well-known platform for making lip-sync videos is this one.





Through TikTok, many people have developed their influencer professions.





Additionally, TikTok started enabling users to make a little film that is 15 seconds long.




The video length then raised to 60 seconds as more individuals began to use this platform.




At the moment, TikTok only accepts 3-minute videos.





You can utilize the slider on the editing page to extend clips on TikTok or change the length of clips on TikTok.





Continue reading this article to the end for the detailed instructions.



How to Make Clips Longer on TikTok


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By choosing the 3m option from the TikTok camera screen, you can extend the length of your clips.




For a better understanding, continue reading to see the stages demonstrating the same in depth with helpful pictures.





What is the average length of videos on TikTok?


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Only 15 second videos could previously be uploaded to TikTok.




However, TikTok videos may currently be produced with an average runtime of 60 seconds per video.





Additionally, TikTok is investigating the ability to extend films up to 10 minutes, however this testing is only being done on specific user devices.





Why Does TikTok Shorten My Clips?

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The music you utilize for your videos have a defined time limit, which is the only reason TikTok is cutting down your films.





For instance, with the same 20 seconds of audio, you cannot create a video longer than 20 seconds.

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TikTok will edit or trim your clips for 20 seconds if you attempt to do so.






You can make clips that are up to 3 minutes long if you make your own voice-only videos.





Can You Make Clips Longer on TikTok?


Yes, you can create lengthier video on TikTok, but you must adhere to certain rules.





The following details the circumstances:



• As of now, you cannot make clips longer than 3-minutes.




• The duration of your clip will depend on how long the background sound is if you’re using one, if any.




Video length is limited to the duration of the sound.





Can You Rearrange Clips on TikTok?


On TikTok, you may arrange your clips.





On the TikTok video editing screen, you may press and hold the video clips to slide them forward or backward.





Any footage can also be deleted if you so choose.




How Long Are TikTok Videos?

image via searchengineland



Here are easy ways you can make your clips longer on TikTok.


Use the Clip Length Setting


Do you need to discover how to lengthen your TikTok videos? If your current video is within the 3-minute threshold, lengthening it should be simple.






This is due to the app’s default functionality, which enables users to increase the duration of their videos.





You can use it by going to the “Settings” menu and selecting “Clip Length.”





The length of the clip can then be changed to your preference.





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A clip can also be pressed while being held in place until it flashes.






This activates the clip adjustment tool more quickly.


Check for Updates

In February of this year, TikTok began to make the 10-minute video function available.




Consequently, a new update should enable you to learn how to modify clips on TikTok.




Although this feature is very new, it hasn’t yet been made available worldwide.





Fortunately, you can quickly determine whether the new functionality has been added to your app.





Just adhere to these guidelines:


1. Launch TikTok on your phone




2. Tap the “Plus” button at the lower-end




3. Swipe over the different time limits above the record button




• Note: You should see the 10-minute option if the feature has been rolled out to your country





If the option isn’t visible, TikTok hasn’t yet made this function available in your region.





However, make sure to first check the Program Store or Play Store to see if your app has received an update.





Because you haven’t updated the app, TikTok may have already made the functionality available in your area.





Use Slo-Mo

How do you modify the TikTok’s clip length? Or more specifically, how can you lengthen the time between videos on TikTok? Adding slo-mo to your TikTok video is one method to make it longer.




As the name suggests, this is a cute little tool that enables slow motion playback for your TikTok movies.





However, the fact that it can add a few seconds to your videos makes it pertinent to our debate.


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Simply launch TikTok and navigate to your video to get started.





Then depress the screen until a button with a lightning bolt icon appears.





After that, switching between standard and slo-mo speeds should be possible when recording.





You can integrate more footage in one video by doing this.





It comes in helpful for short clips that you want to extend for app uploads.





But keep in mind that this feature is a little processor-intensive.





So, in order to use it, you’ll need a strong phone with a long battery life.





If not, your phone can lag excessively or lose power quickly.





Use Less Footage

Maybe the question isn’t how to make TikTok videos longer, but rather how to pack as much information as you can into the allotted time.





We advise simply removing a few frames or using less footage if this is your first objective.




By doing this, you should be able to incorporate more significant video while using up less bandwidth and storage space.





Additionally, it needs to cut out any dull or pointless sections to keep your movie interesting to view.





Because of the dense material, your video will appear longer than it is because TikTok limits the length of videos.





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