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Tiktok Guide 101: How to Make Categories on TikTok[2024]

This article is for you if you don’t know how to create a playlist on TikTok. Most people use TikTok as a platform to create hilarious videos and share them with their friends and loved ones.





On TikTok, however, what if you want to make a playlist? With the new Playlists tool, you may create playlists of humorous TikTok duets or films longer than 10 minutes.





So, we’re here to explain the process for making a TikTok playlist.






We’ll tell you how to make one.








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What Is TikTok Playlists Feature?

TikTok unveiled a brand-new function called Playlists in March 2021. The feature was formerly restricted to a small number of creators, but it is now accessible from both Creator and Business accounts.





The Playlists function lets you make specialized groups of video clips, as the name implies. Playlists on TikTok are an excellent way to curate your content and arrange it in a way that makes sense for you.





A TikTok Playlist can be easily made in a matter of minutes.





You can always add or remove videos from a playlist, and it is extremely simple to use.

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Let’s now examine how to create your own TikTok playlist.








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How To Make A Playlist On TikTok

Today, we’ll go through how to make a playlist on TikTok. It is fairly simple and only requires a few steps.

Actually, there are two ways to make a TikTok playlist, and we’ll look at each of them. Here’s how to go about it:



Method 1


1. Open the TikTok app and go to the video that you want to use to create a playlist.



2. Press and hold on to the video or tap the three-dot icon on the right of the video.




3. Tap Add to playlist, then select Create a playlist.



4. Now, name the playlist and add videos to it.





Method 2


1. In your TikTok app, go to your profile.



2. Tap the Sort videos into playlists under your video tab.




3. Then name the playlist (max 25 characters).




4. Select the videos you like to add videos to this playlist and tap Next. 

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5. Now you can reorder the videos in the playlist in the order you like.




6. Click Create playlist and you are done.





How to Reorganize Your TikTok Collections

Once your TikTok collections have been created, you can continue to add more videos, change titles, delete videos, and even move videos from one collection to another.


Here is how you can move a TikTok into a different collection:


1. Navigate to the collection that contains a TikTok video you wish to move elsewhere.




2. Tap Manage videos at the top of the screen.




3. Select the video or videos you would like to move into a different collection.




4. Tap the Move button in the bottom-left corner.





Note that if you have only created one collection on your TikTok account you will not be able to use this function.





The Move button will still appear, but you will not be able to click it.





5. Select which collection you would like to move your video to.

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How to Change the Name of a TikTok Collection

If you would like to change the name of a pre-existing collection, follow these steps:


1. Navigate to the collection you wish to change the name of.



2. Tap the three dots in the top-right corner.



3. Type your new name.




4. Tap the Save button.





Why Should You Use TikTok Collections?

Finding a TikTok video that you watched a week or even a few days ago can be challenging.

Users can save their favorite videos using the favorites tool, however, for frequent users, a single folder containing all of their favorite videos can also become disorganized and difficult to navigate.





You may categorize your favorite videos in TikTok’s collections, which makes it much simpler to locate older TikTok videos.




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